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The folks at Have a Heart Humane Society have picked up right where the organization's founder left off. With the passing of Chelley Kitzmiller in November, the animal activist's dream carries on through the hard work and dedication of Have a Heart's board members and its many volunteers.

Members of the First Baptist Church can look forward to growth as it welcomes a new leader, Pastor John Lopez, and his wife, Nita, to the congregation. Pastor Lopez will officially take over the reins as of March 19. All are invited to join in the Sunday service to welcome them to the community.


The Tehachapi area is defined and delineated by its mountains. Valleys in the Tehachapi Mountains tend to be bowl valleys, ringed by mountain ridges on all sides, rather than open ended V-shaped notch valleys. Our mountains surround us, they help determine our weather, and they are a perpetu…

One of the most remarkable and unforgettable places in the Tehachapi area is a Buddhist retreat nestled up against two rocky canyons in Sand Canyon. The Mountain Spirit Center is an exotic and gorgeous place that welcomes anyone who will respect its peaceful atmosphere. This calm and serene …

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