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The Golden Hills Community Services District board discussed the completion of the Steuber Well project at the Sept. 21 meeting. The drilling of the well was completed in March and the well pipeline has yet to be installed.

The Women’s & Girls’ Fund, a leadership initiative of Kern Community Foundation, has announced up to $50,000 in grant allocations in its ninth cycle of competitive grantmaking to Kern County nonprofit organizations that serve local women or girls within the focus area of education and tr…

A public meeting to tackle how to divide the city into districts for the purpose of voting for Tehachapi City Council members brought forth several questions: Are accusations of discrimination against minority groups in voting true? Does the city really have to change its system? Will prison…

Modern, fresh and set to occupy a historical downtown building, the new location of the Tehachapi branch of the Kern County library is slated to open soon.

The Kern County Fair is a great community tradition, marking 101 years this run.

There are many creatures that are abundant, but because they are relatively inconspicuous, most people are unaware of them. In this large category belongs the Antlions (Myrmeleon spp.), insects that are both familiar and little-known. Let me explain.

The success of a program doesn’t just happen by the ones who run it, the volunteers who work it, or the athletes who participate in it. The Tomahawks would like you to meet the team behind the scenes for the 2017 season that made many things possible.

When it comes to local sports, it’s not just the school-sponsored teams representing our community. There’s the often-overlooked but growing club sports scene, where each week many athletes and parents pay their way through competitions and travel, just to play the sport they love.

Encompassing more than 275 square miles with a population of more than 36,880people according to the 2010 census, the Greater Tehachapi area includes the City of Tehachapi as well as a number of unincorporated communities and areas within the ZIP code 93561.

As travelers head toward Tehachapi, a "Welcome to Tehachapi, the Land of Four Seasons" sign invites visitors to explore this mountain community. Current and new residents of Tehachapi come to know the truth of those words. The region is known throughout the area as a place with changing temp…

Each year, Tehachapi is host to many popular events and festivities, offering something for everyone. Whether you're a local resident or tourist looking for exciting attractions to visit, Tehachapi takes entertainment seriously all year long. Below is a listing of these events by month.

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