Most people think that if they want to throw an awesome party, they need a hefty budget. For me, that is not always the case. As the founder of Mint Design, an event design and planning company, I take pride in utilizing what I have in order to make it work.

What's the secret?

Details, details, details. It is always in the details. Your guests will remember the little touches, the ones that made them think, "Oh, this is so them!" These are things like little name tags on the drinks, cutesy labels at the dessert bar and personalized treats for the guests. All are small, simple touches that go a long way and easily work within that budget.

Still not sure where to start or feeling a little stressed? Here are some helpful tips to throwing a perfect party:

1. Create an overall feeling of the party rather than a theme. People don't always remember the theme of the party, but they always remember the feeling they got when they first walked into your event. So, for starters, choose a color palette and add touches that go along with the feeling of the party.

2. Rather than purchasing budget-busting decor, try out thrift stores and dollar stores. For example, I designed an 80th birthday party with a ton of records found at a local thrift store. The vinyls and covers served as party decor.

3. Personalize. In order to stand out and create an event that will leave your friends buzzing, incorporate personalized touches in any way possible. In our day and age, the go-to website for just that is Etsy. This website allows you to reach out to the "shop owner" and personalize decor. The best part is most of the Etsy party supplies are printable PDF templates made especially for you that can be printed in the comfort of your home.

4. Don't just mimic Pinterest. Pinterest has become so saturated and so many of the projects have been done so many times that rather than being unique, your party will look "Pinteresty." Instead, browse Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing and if you find something you like, use it as inspiration to create something of your own.

5. Flowers and greenery can add so much to an event. Using loose greenery and garlands as accents to the focal tables is a great way to save money and utilize it where it will be remembered the most.