Is this looking like a less than Merry Christmas for you? Maybe it’s just going to be the two of you and there’s no reason to even decorate, or worse yet, you’re going to be alone. Other people seem to have swarms of warm, bubbling family around ready to sweep them up in Christmas cheer. But for whatever the reason, Christmas cheer seems to be eluding you altogether. And you miss it ― very much.

If that’s the world you live in this Christmas, A City on a Hill Church, delightfully infused with the vocal magic of Christina Scrivner and Christian Parker, might be the place for you on Christmas Eve ― the place to begin Christmas in a welcoming, wonderful way.

Pastor Michael Clark tells us why: “We’re a small church ― family size. And because we’re a church family, we know everyone, and care about everyone. Larger churches can be overwhelming. Though surrounded by people, you can feel totally alone. A City on a Hill isn’t that way. The moment you step through the door we know you’re here, and care that you are. We’re scheduling this service early, at 4 p.m., so that you’ll still have time later to share your Christmas joy with others that night.”

So that you can begin your Christmas in the warmth of the Christmas story, A City on a Hill Church will present a program that will take you back to the chestnut-popping-hearth-and-home Christmases that were so nurturing and heart-restoring long ago.

The Biblical story of Jesus’ birth (Luke 1 and 2) will be told in narration and song. Pastor Mike Clark will narrate, and the music will, naturally, be a sparkling lineup of beloved Christmas carols and many popular songs. You in the congregation will, of course, sing some of them, but some will also be brought to you by Tehachapi’s own Christina Scrivner and Christian Parker.

You’ve been blessed by these two remarkable voices many times before ― the Tehachapi Pops, Country Oaks Church presentation of the "Messiah," at TCT, and before at A City on a Hill Church, and the Tehachapi Tree Lighting Ceremony a few weeks ago.

Now they join us at our Christmas Eve Service to lead and sing some of your favorite Christmas melodies. But there’s more. Parker will also perform a new, original Christmas song he’s written especially for this service, a song that sees the Christ child’s birth through Joseph’s, His earthly father’s, eyes. It’s titled “The Father of the Son of Man.”

All of this adds up to a beautifully inspiring way to start your Christmas celebration and move you into that wonderfully satisfying spiritual place where you can bask in the glow of God’s profound gift to mankind ― the Babe in a manger, the God incarnate, our Emmanuel (God with us) and its profound meaning to you and to our fallen world. If you need a real burst of meaningful joy to make this season what God wants it to be for you personally, please plan to attend.

We promise the service will be only 45 minutes, so if you have places to be, you can easily be on your way before 5 p.m. But if you can, stick around for our Christmas Cookie Fellowship. In fact, you’re more than welcome to contribute to it. Bring some Christmas cookies to share. There’s nothing more satisfying than making new friends over a cheerfully decorated Christmas cookie.

So put in on your calendar right now: A City on a Hill Church, 4 p.m. on Christmas Eve (Dec. 24) at 48771 W. Valley Blvd (the Slice of Life Building). There’s no reason to be without family and friends this Christmas. Come and be a part of our family this Christmas Eve. For any additional information, email us at

Bill Kritlow attends A City on a Hill Church.