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Everett Sims, 105

Longtime Tehachapi resident Everett Sims is celebrating his 105th birthday this year.

He was born in Mobeetie, Texas, on Nov. 22, 1914.

Everett and his wife, Adalee, brought their family to Tehachapi in 1940, and as he likes to put it, “we never left!” He is well known to many Tehachapi "old-timers" and has always been well regarded in the community. He's been recognized in recent years as the oldest man in attendance at the annual Old-Timers Reunion Picnic.

He worked as a farm hand, a carpenter, a plumber and as a maintenance worker for Tehachapi Unified School District until his retirement in 1979. He has worked hard all his life without complaint and is known to be a man of honesty and integrity.

He is the only surviving charter member of the First Baptist Church in Tehachapi, which was started in 1942. Everett has been an active member of the church since the beginning and has faithfully served the Lord in many ways. His current church family celebrated his birthday on Nov. 17 by singing his favorite hymns and honoring him during their Sunday service.

He is the patriarch of a loving family and was named Tehachapi’s “Father of the Year” in 1982. His children and grandchildren love, respect, honor and adore him and have the highest regard for his advice and his counsel.

Linda Stivers is the daughter of Everett Sims.