Cemetery Tales may be an unusual topic for American Association of University Women, but that is what is planned for the Nov. 13 meeting. However, cemeteries tell the story of the early Tehachapi region and the people who started this community where we live. Many interesting facts about cemeteries will be revealed.

A few years ago, Janice Armstrong and Barbara Wood organized a group of AAUW women who were interested in history, and they began exploring local cemeteries. They were fascinated with what they discovered about the land and the people buried there. Their enthusiasm was contagious, and the group expanded to include other interested individuals, not just AAUW members. They named themselves The Cemetery Interest Group.

At the Nov. 13 AAUW meeting, Armstrong and Wood will highlight the work of the Cemetery Interest Group. Anyone interested is invited to attend. It will be held at 4 p.m. at Tehachapi Community Congregational Church on the corner of Green and E streets.

AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education and research. Men or women, with a two-year or higher degree, are eligible to join. Call 972-6508 for further information.

Phyllis Belcher is a longtime Tehachapi resident, and is involved in various volunteer organizations.