The Hitching Post Theater will open its doors for a special showing of "Artik" at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 16.

Written and directed by Tom Botchii, the movie's producer is its star actor, Jerry G. Angelo.

According to Angelo, "Artik" has won more than a dozen Best Picture and Best Actor Awards internationally from Asia to Germany to the United States.

The movie is about a serial killer, Artik, who lives in a brutal mix of horror and comics.

In a Sept. 9 review, Mike Blankenship writes, "The portrayal of Artik (the film’s mumbling, hulking villain) played by Jerry G. Angelo’s ("Better Call Saul," 2015) is truly outstanding. He brings a horrific realism to a character who has lost all grasp on reality. Artik lives in his comics and, like the majority of great comic villains, he believes himself to be the hero... With a brisk pace that never lets up, Artik is a brutal and unflinching horror comic brought to life. From its gorgeous hand-drawn opening credits to the blood-soaked finale, the uneasiness and tension are tangible throughout."

This will be a Angelo's second film to be played at the Tehachapi theater.

"Last year at the Hitching Post, we held the world premiere of my feature film 'American Warfighter' (now on Netflix) which I wrote, produced, directed and acted in," said Angelo. "It was made as a tribute to all our service women and men and to bring awareness to PTSD."

One of the stars of "American Warfighter," Hannah Strategos, is a Tehachapi resident.

"I chose to have the world premiere in Tehachipi in honor for little Hannah," Angelo said. "Hannah is a brain cancer survivor and is a inspiration for the people to attribute her friends and family. During the event, Hannah raised money for another fellow Tehachapi resident who underwent the same brain surgery for cancer, Connie Jones."

Over the past six or seven years, Angelo said he developed a wonderful relationship with many residents of Tehachapi.

"'Artik,' being my second film at the gate, I wanted to share and thank Tehachapi and bring a taste of Hollywood entertainment directly to the town," said Angelo.

Both Jerry G. Angelo and the director, Tom Botchii, will make a special guest appearance at the showing Oct. 16, with a question and answer period to follow.

The Hitching Post Theater is located at 201 S. Green St.