Tehachapi Therapeutic Massage

Molly Sherman offers massage from location on Mill Street.

Molly Sherman of Tehachapi Therapeutic Massage remembers her first massage she received in 1982 and how good it made her feel. After an incident in 1984 that caused severe depression, she had another massage that benefited her both physically and mentally so much that she knew she wanted to help others experiencing physical and mental pain.

After receiving certification, she opened Tehachapi Therapeutic Massage on April 1, 1989 on F Street. One year later she moved her practice to Tehachapi Boulevard, where she worked her massage “magic” for 29 years. Molly has recently moved her practice to a lovely, peaceful and serene office on Mill Street.

Molly says she adapts her massage treatment to her clients' needs. She doesn’t have a name for her massage style, but her clients do; they call it the “Molly Massage.” She finds satisfaction in hearing her clients express how much better they feel after they receive her massage.

Molly says “regular massage therapy is good for you in so many ways, starting with increasing circulation that affects every part of the body by eliminating harmful toxins. It also combats negative stresses on the body by releasing healing endorphins, oxytocin and other naturally occurring hormones. Consequently, a massage just makes you feel really good.”