Bob and Moe, a father-daughter team, welcome men and boys to Moe's Barber Shop.

Welcome all Tehachapians, old and new. Introducing Bob the barber Carey and Moe at Moe’s Barber Shop. Bob is a master barber with more than 50 years of experience and Moe has four years under her belt. They do all the old and new hairstyles, fades, flat tops, razor fades and regular men’s and boys' cuts.

Bob has been on Green Street since June 1, 1981, when it was called Bob's Hot Rod Barber Shop. Moe graduated from Bakersfield Barber College in 2015. The shop is old-school with comfy vintage leather barber chairs. You’re always offered a nice warm lather shave around the neck and ears for a clean sharp look. You can even pamper yourself with a wonderful warm straight razor shave.

Bob enjoys the camaraderie that comes from barbering in a place like Tehachapi for many years. Bob says, "We don't just make customers, we make friends."

Moe enjoys the transformation she sees in her clients. "They walk in looking a little worse for wear, and when they walk out, they look like a million bucks," said Moe. "It's just a good feeling to be able to make them feel good about themselves and see them leave with a smile."

Oh did I mention that Bob and Moe are related? As a father/daughter team there is a unique sense of history and warmth that permeates the shop. They have a great time kidding and poking fun at one another and you can too. Please stop by and see them; you won’t be disappointed!

Open Tuesday through Saturday or call to schedule an appointment with Moe for a Monday.