Cerro Coso Community College announces that 250 students have made the president’s list for the fall 2019 semester, including 46 students from Tehachapi.

This list is comprised of all students who achieved a grade point average of at least 3.75 while earning a minimum of 4.0 grade points within the fall 2019 semester. It is the goal of Cerro Coso to recognize students who have significantly excelled in their academic studies.

“The presence of students with high academic standards serves as an inspiration to both faculty and students alike,” wrote Jill Board, president of Cerro Coso Community College, in a news release.

Cerro Coso Community College is proud to honor the following students for making the president’s list for their scholastic achievements during the fall 2019 semester:

East Kern– Tehachapi

Antonio Alvarez, Jeffery Avant, Arthur Bates, Edgar Bedolla, Marc Betita, Glen Calzadilla, Scott Downen, Dorothy Edwards, Miguel Enciso, Alejandro Espinoza, Leonardo Estrada, Daniel Garcia, Troy Gilder, Luis Gonzalez-Chavez, Joseph Gutierrez, Danika Hipp, Robert James, Andrew Jewett, Michael Kelley, Seph Kinder, Tyler King, Patrick Larmour, Nicole Lemons, Jessica Martin, Gabriel Martinez, Hendrix Montecastro, Sarah Montero, Martin Pizano, Claudiu Ponoran, Anthony Ramos, Kateri Rausch, Tiffany Rea, Steven Reed, James Riley, Kristen Rodriguez, Uziel Santos, Shawn Stubbert, Carey Thomas, Allison Vankirk, Joseph Vigilante, Kevin Walsh, Royce Warner, Brittany Williams,  Steven Wilson, Jared Yaffe and Jason Young.

Natalie Dorrell is the director of Public Relations and Institutional Advancement for Cerro Coso Community College.