So you’ve decided you want to write. Perhaps you want to share a personal experience or record a little piece of history. There may be fascinating characters pushing at the edge of your consciousness and plot lines teasing you as they urge you to risk discovering where they may lead. Maybe you have already started down a writing path and you’ve arrived at a crossroads. Which way do you go and more importantly, how do you decide? Or, perhaps you have already begun to record your ideas, but you are experiencing writer’s block.

Fortunately, you’re not alone. There are other writers who could help you out. They form a writing group called “The Write Stuff” for writers at all levels — i.e., beginners to advanced.

During our meetings, we provide a time for:

• Using ice breaker exercises to help participants warm up to writing;

• Cultivating the ability to develop a creative writing style;

• Learning how to write in a succinct manner;

• Picking a topic and then writing on that subject;

• Reading the stories of those in the group;

• Sharing positive and encouraging critiques of the writings of group members;

• Writing out memoirs and family histories and stories;

• Receiving overall help and support with improving writing skills; and

• Gaining insights from guest authors.

Anyone desiring to develop as a writer is invited to attend meetings held every Friday from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., at the Shepherd of the Hills Church, 24300 Bear Valley Road right next to Cummings Valley Elementary School.

No RSVP or fees are necessary for attending any of our meetings.

For more information, contact us at 822-1400 or write to us at

When you check out one of our meetings, you’ll be able to say, “Right here, write now, write on!”

Jeff Kaplan is senior pastor of Shepherd of the Hills.