Gandy Dancers

Susan McLaughlin and Marvin Seibel show some round dance action.

On a beautiful, but breezy, Tehachapi evening, the Tehachapi Gandy Dancers Square Dance Club hosted Dance Under the Stars enjoyed by both square and round dancers.

Representing various clubs, such as the Mountain Squares at Frazier Park, Bakersfield Rounders, Aces & Deuces of Palmdale, Boots & Slippers of Simi Valley, Sierra Hillbillies of Santa Clarita, and our own Gandy Dancers, folks came together under a canopy of stars and cool mountain air to enjoy a night of dancing and camaraderie.

Dick Hodnefeld graced us with outstanding calls and good humor throughout the night. Square dancers danced to a variety of music from several genres and eras. The music alone was awesome! During the night, Hodnefeld asked another caller in attendance, Bob Jones, to guest call a dance to the delight of several dancers.

Gary and Susan McLaughlin provided a wonderful rendition of cueing waltzes and other ballroom style music for the round dancers, leading them through some smooth footwork and graceful moves.

Trains traveling through town also interjected their whistles at what seemed to be optimal times during Hodnefeld's calls and Gary McLaughlin's cuing to the amusement of the dancers. Trains are a part of Tehachapi life and a reminder of this town’s history.

The next dance for the Gandy Dancers is the October Harvest and Anniversary Dance at the Tehachapi Senior Center at 500 E. F St. on Oct. 27. Jones will be calling; the McLaughlins will provide the cues.

Anyone interested in learning to square dance and join us on these special nights, the Gandy Dancers have a new class starting on Sept. 12 at the Tehachapi Senior Center. Class days are every Wednesday at 7 p.m. We would love to have you join us!

Brenda S. Johnston is a member of the Tehachapi Gandy Dancers.