book sale

Supporters of the Friends of the Library came to check out the book sale held Oct. 12.

The Friends of the Tehachapi Library just finished up its last big book sale of the year, and once again, the folks of Tehachapi have shown their generosity.

Since the sale was during the Apple Festival, some of that generosity came from visitors, but we know that a great deal of the sales were to locals. And just how much came in? The total was $1,845. In addition, the Friends of the Library received $250 from the Apple Festival pie baking contest fundraiser.

All this is money that will go to help support all the programs our library offers. For example, all the teen programs. Also, the Downton Abbey Tea was a big success. So the Game of Thrones event coming up in January should also be a great one.

But the fact of the matter is that even with these programs the generosity of the people here in Tehachapi makes this money go even further. Local businesses are making donations to these events, so there’s pizza and snacks at the teen events, and food and tea and sweets came in for the library’s Downton Abbey Tea.

In addition to all of you who bought books, the Tehachapi Friends of the Library would like to extend special thanks to Mari Reid, for keeping everything organized, and Thomas Medaris for working hard on getting all the antique and vintage books researched and priced. Then Kit Bowman and Catharine Sjostedt for doing the extra work for the specialty books (coffee table, etc.). And then to the many volunteers ( Sharon DuVal, Donavan Torres, Benjamin Gilbert, Sharon,Ron and Mat McCoy, Wilma Havenner, Nancy Buge', Kevin Barlow, Ted Johnson, Connie Brehm, Mark Fisher, Vicky Haffman, Coco, Petrishka) for getting everything set up and running smooth. Further thanks to BSE Rentals for the loan of additional tables to hold all the books, and Carlos’ Donuts for keeping the volunteers fueled up.

And a big thanks to the Apple Festival for their help with our booth, expertly run by Veronica Wilson our head librarian. And to Sharon Fisher of Laugh and Learn Preschool for operating the children’s Story Time on both Saturday and Sunday.

So what happens now? Well the Friends of the Library want to keep our inventory as fresh as possible, so some of the books that didn’t sell were donated to groups like senior and disabled housing, veterans, the local prison, Senior Center and The Shed's Soup Kitchen. Other books will be provided to other fundraising groups. And the continuing sale will still be going on and will soon be expanding, once again due to the generosity of the folks of Tehachapi. So keep donating books and come to the Library and check over what’s available.

And finally, there’s always room for more volunteers, while these big sales are great, there’s always something that needs to be done. If you’re interested, contact the Friends of the Library by email at or call or text 750-2818.

Mark Fisher is a member of the Friends of the Library.