Gallery 'N' Gifts members gather for a group photo.

Forty years ago, the members of Tehachapi Valley Arts Association banded together with the vision of opening Gallery ‘N’ Gifts, a gift shop and art gallery where members could sell their handmade goods.

The members shared rent, took turns working days to keep the shop open and came up with innovate ways to make it work.

Decades later, thanks to amazing community support, they’re still carrying on the tradition of offering high-quality handcrafted items and fine art to their customers. The artists of Gallery ‘N’ Gifts invite you to join them in celebrating this incredible achievement with festivities each day in September, including refreshments each Friday, surprise specials announced on Facebook ( and a random shopper will be selected for a surprise each day.

Interested in becoming a member? Stop by for a chat!

Gale Caldwell is the president of the Tehachapi Valley Arts Association.