gem and mineral

Dawn Hurley was the winner of the amethyst raffle held during the Gem & Mineral Show the weekend of the Mountain Festival. Hurley and her husband, Elgian, admire the large raffle prize.

Courtesy of Deborah Burken

The Tehachapi Jewelry, Gem and Mineral Show was a huge success!

After a year hiatus, Tehachapi Valley Gem and Mineral Society found a new home at the Tehachapi Senior Center for its annual show held over Mountain Festival weekend. There were new vendors in addition to old favorites selling jewelry, fossils, beads, mineral samples, etc. The vendors donated items from their booths and visitors were treated to a variety of raffle prizes.

The largest raffle item was TVGMS’s amethyst cathedral. Over the past few months, TVGMS has been selling raffle tickets for this beautiful mineral sample of a 2-foot-tall tower of purple crystals. The winner of the raffle was chosen during the show. In a fortunate stroke of luck, it also turned out to be the winner’s 80th birthday.

Dawn Minette Hurley of Boron was the winner of the amethyst cathedral and TVGMS was thrilled to help celebrate her birthday with a gorgeous gift. Hurley said she has been interested in rocks since she was a child and was the previous owner of a very large mineral collection which she recently sold (though perhaps fate is telling her she needs to start another collection).

Hurley thanked the Tehachapi Valley Gem and Mineral Society for the amethyst.

Deborah Burken is a member of the Gem and Mineral Society.