When you think of heavenly music, you often think of harps. We are very fortunate to have several accomplished harpists here in our own community and will be privileged to hear them at the Tehachapi Creche Festival, which will be held Dec. 8 and 9 at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 600 Anita Drive. Among these angelic harpists are Jessica Teare and Kaydance Danselle Gillam.

Jessica is 14 years old and has been playing harp for four years. She has played for many occasions including in a local optometry waiting room, weddings, funerals, Easter and Christmas, as well as at the Creche Festival. She also plays piano and is a straight A student.

Kaydance Danselle is a Tehachapi native in the ninth grade. She has five older brothers and no sisters. She has studied piano for eight years and started playing harp four years ago. She has performed as a harp and piano soloist on many occasions. She currently is a harpist for the Tehachapi Symphonic Orchestra. In addition to playing at the Tehachapi Creche Festival again this year, she will be playing at the AV Creche Festival.

Making their first appearance this year in the festival will be the Bakersfield Harp Ensemble directed by Alicia Ellsworth. Holiday Harps have been playing together for 12 years and include harpists of various ages and experience.

Along with these talented harpists we will be treated to music from other musicians and vocalists. This heavenly music helps us feel the true spirit of Christmas as we celebrate Christ's birth.

If you would like to provide music for the festival or would like more information, contact Janet Vickers at 916-5778 or tehachapicreche@gmail.com.

Linda Erath is assisting with event publicity for the church.