Bill Kritlow

Bill Kritlow on stage at Tehachapi Community Theatre as the character Moriarty.

I have written a full-length Christian play, "Cast Offs," set among a certain group of young adults here in Tehachapi.

Now nearly 75, I wrote my first self-published work at age 9. My grandmother loved it. It explored the world on man and horse. I called it "Smoky and Little Bill.” Then, in the 1990s, I wrote, and Thomas Nelson published, a number of fiction and non-fiction Christian works, all still in print. I self-published a novel a couple of years ago, but recently I've concentrated on plays, both short and full length.

As a way of sanding of the rough edges, I'd like to have a reading of the play by potential actors. Here’s how that would work. Since it is a Christian work ― a strongly pro-life play ― Christian actors would probably be most comfortable being involved. But for those who are in the Young Adult age group who would just like to act, consider yourself more than welcome to attend. Attend what, you ask?

At 6 p.m. Feb. 15 at Country Oaks Baptist Church ― in The Chapel ― we will get together, divide up the parts, and read the play together. Where there are multiple actors suitable for one part, those actors will trade off so that everyone gets a chance to read. You’ll each be given a page or two upon which to take notes as we go. When the reading is finished, you’ll have an opportunity to give feedback on the play ― characters, dialogue, plot, situations, etc. The goal is to make the play better.

The other goal is to perform the play for a wildly enthusiastic audience probably during the summer.

There is another goal, as well. I would like this to be the kick-off of a Christian Theater here in Tehachapi ― a theater in which plays would be produced that explored Christian themes and bring glory to God and embrace productions suitable for all age groups ― children’s, young adult, adult and family. It would be a theater where Christians could feel comfortable attending as well as participating and know their values and their God would be uplifted.

In this play there are several parts for young adults, male or female, between the ages of 15 and 25. There is one part for a young lady about 10 or 12, and a couple for adults ages 30 to 40. If you’ve acted before, or want to try it for the first time, show up and become a part of something that could become quite important to the Christian community here. For further information or clarification, email me at

Bill Kritlow is involved in Christian film and theater efforts.