Nathan Bruhl

A new college entrance exam, the Classic Learning Test, was introduced in 2015 and gives high school students an alternative to the ACT and SAT. The CLT combines reading comprehension, grammar and mathematics into a two-hour online package.

Nathan Bruhl, of Heritage Oak School, was recently awarded the CLT10 Distinguished Scholar for earning the top score among his peers on the official preparatory exam for the CLT. Well done, Nathan, in this great academic achievement.

Because it is not an achievement test like the SAT and ACT, CLT scores do not need to be normalized and are available the same day. The scores are also an absolute score and not dependent on the performance of the test takers like the other tests. Now accepted by more than 125 colleges and universities and with some of them awarding scholarships based on the CLT score, this college entrance exam is a great option for high school students.

Heritage Oak School is the only CLT test site in Tehachapi and welcomes all high school students to take the test. Heritage Oak is located at 20915 Schout Road. Register for the CLT at

Amy Applegate is a parent at Heritage Oak School.