Heritage Oak American Essay Contest

Back row, left to right: Chloe Carrington, Adam Whitney, David Bruhl and Nathan Bruhl; bottom row, left to right: Karina Westin, Naomi Donnel and Matthew Warrick.

To promote a spirit of patriotism among the youth and to teach them respect and appreciation for our country and our freedom, the American Legion Auxiliary promotes many patriotic youth programs, including the Auxiliary-sponsored national Americanism Essay Contest.

This essay contest is for students in grades 4-12, including students with special needs. Grade levels are divided into six divisions. One award in each of the six divisions will be presented to the winning essays. Winners will receive $50 and a $50 donation in the student’s name will be made to the Children of Warriors National Presidents’ Scholarship fund. National winners will be posted at www.ALAforVeterans.org after the competition.

Eligible Heritage Oak students submitted their essays with this year’s essay topics: Div. 1 (Grades 4-5): "What Does the American Flag Mean to Me?”; Div. 2 (Grades 6-7): "What Can We Learn from our Country’s History?”; Div. 3 (Grades 8-9): "How Can Just One Citizen Make a Difference?”; Div. 4 (Grades 10, 11, 12): "What are My Duties as an American Citizen?”; Div. 5 (Exceptional Needs): "How Can I Show Love for America?"

We would like to congratulate Heritage Oak students Naomi Donnel and David Bruhl for their third place finishes and Karina Westin and Adam Whitney for their second place finishes at the regional level in their respective divisions. Chloe Carrington, Matthew Warrick and Nathan Bruhl all finished first in their regional division and their pieces will now be sent on to compete at the state level. We wish these students the best in the next level of competition.

Amy Applegate is a parent at Heritage Oak School.