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Herb Kelley is the real deal when it comes to food — and love for God, country and family.

Herb Kelley and the Chuckwagon Cafe are the real deal when it comes to home cookin’. Herb doesn’t skimp on portions or quality; from making fresh biscuits and gravy every day, to tenderizing and breading his own chicken fried steaks.

He says, “I don’t buy pre-made or frozen and then doctor it up and call it home cookin.’ Every burger is patted out here, not frozen. I make my own roux for the gravy. Potatoes are real mashed potatoes, and the chili is made here too.”

Herb also is the real deal when it comes to his love for God, country and family. The warm and friendly cafe quietly reflects his values. Serving Home Style Cookin’ since 2004, his family has been a part of the Chuckwagon Cafe from the beginning. From the waitresses to the cooks, the family works together to keep the genuine home cookin’ fresh and friendly.

You may have known Chuckwagon Cafe as Kelley’s Cafe and Chuckwagon Grill, but out of respect for the newly re-opened Kelcy’s Restaurant and not wanting to confuse people over the similar names, he recently changed the name to Chuckwagon Cafe.

Located in Golden Hills, Chuckwagon Cafe is the real deal.