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Tabatha and James and family.

Tabatha and James were married five years and wanted to start a family of their very own. Having suffered three miscarriages, they knew they needed to look another direction to grow their family. They joined Koinonia Family Services hoping to adopt one or two children under 3 years old.

Just one day after being approved as Koinonia foster parents, they took placement of a 2-year-old boy who was headed toward adoption. Seven months later, Tabatha and James were excited to finalize the adoption. They had a son! Shortly before the adoption, the couple took placement of a baby boy. They had loved that little boy for two years when his mother completed her court-ordered case plan and reunified with her child. To say it was hard to let go is a huge understatement.

However ,because of their love for the child, the couple set aside their judgment and were emotionally supportive as his mother learned to care for herself and her child. To this day, they maintain contact with that mom and her son, who is now about 10 years old.

Tabatha and James cared for and loved other young children who stayed only a short time. Then the couple took in two preschool aged siblings, one boy and one girl. The siblings were there for a year and their case plan was moving toward adoption with the couple, so Tabatha and James were discussing what’s next for their family after adopting their children. About that time they got a phone call from a Koinonia social worker.

“Hi Tabatha, how are you? I know you really prefer taking in younger children, but there’s a 14-year-old girl from your city who really wants to stay in her high school and there are no other families in that area.”

To the social worker’s surprise, Tabatha responded that they had just talked about it and, after being blessed with three beautiful children, it was time to give back. So yes, they will give this teenager a home until her family is able to care for her again. Unfortunately, this young lady was unable to reunify were her parents.

James and Tabatha finalized her adoption on National Adoption Day 2019! Ten years ago Tabatha and James went out on a limb to grow their family, and today they have a beautiful, flourishing family tree.