My brother, Jeffery Zeilinger, here he is (on the right) on my wedding day after my husband and I asked him to perform our wedding ceremony. Jeffery currently works at Adventist Hospital here in Tehachapi. He is in his last semester of an RN program and when he is not working or on his clinicals, he dedicates his time and talents to Tehachapi Mountain Vineyard. Him and my sister-in-law are expecting their first child in July, a baby girl. I am so beyond proud of him that words could never express it, he is our hero!!!!  — Meagan Petroni

During this pandemic, we'd like to honor front-line heroes. They could be doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, the hospital housekeeping staff or anyone working in health care. They could be your grocery clerk, postal carrier, veterinarian, plumber, teachers or any essential worker who is keeping us moving during these difficult times. 

We have posted information on our Facebook page, where we are accepting submissions. It's simple: Just provide the person's name and photo, and a very brief description (one sentence is good) of what makes that person your front-line hero. It should take you less than five minutes to give a shoutout to people helping people.

We plan to publish as many as possible in the newspaper. Help us say a small "thank you" to those who deserve it.