Achieving academic excellence is practical for all of those willing to learn, but the students chosen for the National Junior Honor Society possess special recognition for more than merely good grades. Among other requirements, students must perform overt displays of integrity, character, and dependability, as well as maintaining a steadfast devotion to each student’s local community.

Chosen specifically by a teacher acknowledging these traits in pupils, their Honor Society applications are then accompanied by various letters of recommendation from impartial individuals to then be processed and considered by the NJHS administration. The select students who make it into NJHS complete community service assignments and attend monthly meetings, the statewide operation managed by the Honor Society administrative teacher, as well as a student office of three elected members.

It is a great achievement to do well in school, it is a great privilege to be chosen for NJHS, it is a great responsibility to be chosen as an office member, but the greatest honor of all three is the ability to help the community. Through Inspire NJHS, these honor students are doing both a personalized community service project, and a statewide service objective, that objective being the collection of functional footwear for those in need.

Congratulations to all members and officers in Inspire School National Junior Honor Society! May your work have a visibly positive impact on the communities around each and every one of you.

Timothy Riley is an eighth-grade student and NJHS vice president.