Sisters Kiera and Mikailey Judkins both won Best of Show at the TVAA All Tehachapi Youth Art Contest for their age category.

The Judkins sisters, who have been entering the Tehachapi Valley Art Association's All Youth Art Contest for many years, took home the top prize in each of their age groups.

Kiera Judkins won Best of Show for grades kindergarten through 8th and  Mikailey Judkins won Best of Show for grades 9th through 12th.

Other winners included:

• Grades kindergarten through 2nd

1st place - Rose Dillenbeck

2nd place - Theo Swihart

3rd place - Alana Lacount

Honorable mentions - Abigail Lesnia, Gwendolyn Hashimoto, Chloe Ragsdale and Greta Haas

• Grades 3 and 4

1st place - Luke Korhonen

2nd place - Olivia Glover

3rd place - Calle Ragsdale

Honorable mentions - Anabelle Werner, Dylan Cash, Connor Craig, Talitha McMahon and Warren Woolf

• Grades 5 & 6

1st place - Olivia Rodriguez

2nd place - Madeleine Martinez

3rd place - Julissa Medina

Honorable mentions - Nicolae Swihart, Emily Kennison, Kassie Stilson, Heidi Holmes, Liam Haas and Hannah Regan

• Grades 7 & 8

1st place - Mark Nicholson

2nd place - Indyand Swinhart

3rd place - Isabelle Dohnke

Honorable mentions - Katherine Davis, Raven Bradley, Bridget Buge and Grayson Kamerer

• Grades 9 & 12

1st place - Cora Sweeney

2nd place - Erika Wells

3rd place - Saida Woolf

Honorable mentions - Versailles Zendajas, Chris Kimmery Jr. and Ella Whitney

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