Starr Bruner and Jonathan Hall

Starr Bruner and Jonathan Hall with a map of the “California Water Fix.”

Jonathan Hall served in two capacities at the Kiwanis meeting on March 7. As our president, he conducted the meeting, then stepped into his role as a member of Tehachapi's water board as our featured speaker.

His program was about the current thinking on California's water transport issues, the “California Water Fix.” More than half of Southern California's water comes from the Sacramento/San Joaquin delta, through the California Aqueduct and the parallel federal Central Valley Project.

To the surprise of nearly all of the audience, we found that the Sacramento/San Joaquin rivers provide a higher volume of water than mighty Colorado. The original plan for a two tunnel system has been discarded in favor of one 30-mile tunnel under the Sacramento delta. The water would be drawn from the Sacramento River, north of the delta.

Water would flow under the delta and be pumped up to the intake of the aqueducts. The intake to the tunnel will be nearly one and a half miles long. The current flowing into the tunnel will be negligible, a marked environmental improvement over the present system. The intake will also have a huge silt pond, minimizing a major water transportation problem.

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Dick Cavanaugh is with the Kiwanis Club of Tehachapi.