Lions honors

Lions Secretary Walt Satalino, left, and B.S.E. manager Juanita Axel.

Contributed by Suzanne Williams

The Tehachapi Lions Club on March 1 honored B.S.E. Rents with a Harry J. Aslan Fellowship Award for its continual support of the club’s Apple Drop fundraiser.

B.S.E. Rents manager Juanita Axel accepted the award.

The Tehachapi Club made a donation to the Lions Student Speaker Foundation Inc. in honor of B.S.E. Rents.

B.S.E. has been providing the man lift for the Apple Drop event for the past four years, which enables the club to donate more funds to their Christmas for Seniors project and the Lions Diabetes Foundation, which are funded by the Apple Drop.

Suzanne Williams is a member of Tehachapi Lions Club.