book signing

The illustrations found inside "The Snow Flower" are originals created by the author, Gabriele De Ginant.

Darla A. Baker / Tehachapi News

Darlene's Real Swell Toys will host a book signing event to introduce local author Gabriele Rose de Ginant to the community Saturday, Nov. 18, from noon to 3 p.m.

"I am very excited for the public to see my new book," Ginant said. "I've never had a local book signing before, and I'm very excited about this."

Ginant recently published her fifth children's book, "Snow Flower," about a little girl whose mother is the Brilliant Sunshine Queen and father the Frost King. Despite the great love her parents have for one another, the opposite forces in nature from which they are created prevent Snow Flower's parents from living together as their mere presence would destroy one another — her mother melting her father, and her father freezing her mother.

The family has no choice but to live apart, with Snow Flower spending half of each year living with each of them. Upon her return, she tells each parent all about the wonderful adventures she had while living with the other.

“Snow Flower” is sold at Barnes & Nobles internationally as well as Amazon and Books-A-Million. Other book-signing dates include the Barnes and Nobles outlets in Bakersfield on Oct. 21, Palmdale on Oct. 28, and Ventura on Jan. 21.

Ginant’s other books include "Spoken from Within," "A Child Awakens," and "Stars of Night — Stars of Ice."

Regular, circulated copies of “Snow Flower” are sold by Ginant’s publisher for $25, with other online sources selling for slightly higher. Ginant still has copies available of the special collection edition of "Snow Flower," which sells for $140, and includes an original, hand-painted illustration signed by the author, glitter accents on many of the book's pages and cover which are personally created by the author, handmade bookmark and matching illustrated greeting card, a certificate of authenticity and a DVD version of the storybook.

For more information, visit Ginant’s website