Cast members of Alexander Raye Pimentel's film, "I Call First," weigh in on their experiences as actors of Pimentel's first full feature film. Known as "The Wolf Pack," this is what they had to say. The majority of the interview with them appears below.

Anthony Cillo, who portrays "Bobby"

"I vaguely remember sitting outside and having Alex come up to me one day, and telling me who he was. Originally, he thought I would be good for the part of J.J. I don't know why that was. Maybe that day I was acting like a jackass or something. He comes up and talks to me about it, and me having a history in acting, I just kinda took the bait and went right for it. The more we got to know each other, the more he realized that I was probably a better part for Bobby, and I was more than thrilled to hear that news, so I took the lead role in the movie.

"The camping scene was the most memorable. All in all, the whole movie was just fun the whole way. Every scene we wanted to shoot, and every time we wanted to meet up, I was just excited to be there.

"Doing this film helped me. As a kid, I was getting into all the trouble that they (the Wolf Pack) were getting into, and doing the things they were doing. While making this movie, and learning what about it was about, I learned how you gotta let some of this past stuff go and move on in your life to become a better person. It helped me changed.

"It was good working with Alex. I enjoyed it a lot. He is an amazing director, knows he stuff, and knows his way around the camera, and he knows how he wants his scenes to look like. He definitely has his own vision, which I appreciate."

Nikkolas Soto, who portrays "Danny Boy"

"I started out meeting Alexander in class. We hit it off, and started talking about some films, and we were just messing around. After that, we started building more of a personal relationship. He told me about his previous career, and his goals in the future. He was new to Denver at the time, and I was one of his first friends, and I was definitely there for him. He told me about his vision, and I ended up trying to help him out, and I ended up being a part of the cast. So yes, of course, I helped out my brother in need, you know?

"Towards the end of the film, we were more connected as a group. We really are the Wolf Pack ... the pun is real. Even if we are separated in life in the future, we will always come back and be the Wolf Pack.

"The story is huge, actually, and I think it is a good reflection on every young man's life. It's a transformation from boy into manhood. I feel like every man has this struggle, and decide if he needs to grow up just now or stay with his friends or get serious with a woman or continue reaches for his dreams. I feel like, in life, these are questions that we are facing. The story, to me, was definitely a big reflection on my life because, at the time, I was kinda lost and I had no idea what to do. I think the story was accurate on my life, and every other young man's life.

"Alexander, he is my boy. I can't say anything else. I would do anything for him. If he needs anything from me, I would do it because he is really a remarkable man. All his work is beautiful, even as I person. I wish you guys could actually see him as a person, working with him in the cast. He is the most friendliest man you would ever meet."

Saud Alshammary, who portrays "J.J."

"I was with my family, driving back from Denver to Fort Cone, and I remember I got a call from Nikk. I recently met him at that time, and we were just becoming friends. He respected me a lot, and I saw how he believed in this person, and I believed in him as well. He referred me to Alexander. So I get a call from Nikk, and he says, 'Yo, bro! Are you down for this scene?' and I was like, 'What are you talking about?' He said he had this producer, and he is literally going to hook it up, and he wants actors and stuff. 'I told him you were an actor.' For me, it was the first time I ever acted, so it wasn't like, oh, I'm an actor. I thought I was, but I don't know if I am, you know? After that he sends me Alex's number. I talked to my family, and barely convinced them. It was hard to convince them, but once it happened, I went on with it.

"The scene I liked the most was the camping, because it was such an amazing trip. Sometimes I could see Alex's face, and it was like he was just trying to get it done. Just the experience of doing it over and over again, it was memorable."