Days set aside as national days of prayer go back to the time of the 13 colonies, later to President George Washington, President Abraham Lincoln and President Harry Truman. In 1988, President Ronald Reagan finally made it law that the first Thursday in May would always be the National Day of Prayer.

This year the National Day of Prayer falls on Thursday, May 2. The theme this year is Love One Another.

In light of all of the strife, ill feelings, and name calling, Love One Another seems a fitting theme for our prayers.

In Tehachapi, there will be three main events on May 2. At 6:45 a.m., the Kiwanis Club will host a Prayer Breakfast in the dining hall at St.Malachy’s Catholic Church.

The speaker will be Mayor Susan Wiggins, and the Men of Faith Quartet will provide the music. Local pastors and others will lead us in prayer for the nation.

Admission is $10, and includes a wonderful breakfast.

There will be a Prayer Rally in front of City Hall from noon to 1 p.m. National Day of Prayer coordinator Brian Drucker will bring a short message, and outstanding pianist Toby Waldowski will lead a few songs. The focus of the meeting will be on actual prayers for our nation.

Local pastors and others will lead us in prayers targeting seven key areas: our government, our educational system, our businesses, our military, our media, our churches and our families.

At 7 p.m., the festivities will conclude with an All-City Church Service, hosted this year by the Apostolic Faith Church at 423 S. Curry St. Pastor Mark Staller will bring the message on Love One Another, and Pastor John Wold will lead the praise and singing.

Again, local pastors will lead us in prayer for the nation, as well as for our community.

These gatherings bring together people of faith from many different churches and denominations.

It is a wonderful time, not only to ask God to help our nation, but also to come together with people from other churches and experience a real unity of purpose.

Though these gatherings are primarily Christian in nature, people of all faiths are encouraged to seek God’s help on this special day.

Brian Drucker is the Tehachapi area coordinator for National Day of Prayer.