For a second weekend in a row, car enthusiasts were treated to a classic and vintage car show as the 10th Annual T-Town Rumble Car & Truck Show filled the parking lot of Country Oaks Baptist Church Saturday, bringing with it something for everyone.

The show featured everything from vintage automobiles, like a 1929 Plymouth four-door, to the 1946 Chevy truck owned by Tim Breshears of Santa Maria.

"This (truck) is intended to be a full-blown Rat Rod, which means 'rust is a must,'" Breshears said. "It must be rusty and ugly."

In order to qualify as a Rat Rod, a car or truck cannot be painted or polished.

Said Breshears, "As you can see, the kids love it, especially the props I have. It started with a Halloween theme for a show I was doing."

In order to enhance the Rat Rod, Breshears added a few skeletons in the cab driving the pickup, a canine skeleton protecting the bed of the truck, and even a rat statue protecting the carburetor.

Peek inside the cab, and you will find a double-barrel shotgun that was once owned by Breshears' grandfather, but now serves as the gear shift to the vintage truck.

Said Breshears, "When I was a young kid, I got to shoot that gun, and learn how to shoot it, but then it got handed down through the family. When I build this Rat Rod, I knew that they all have funky shifters. Everybody just loves it."

Asked by his wife what he wanted to do for his birthday, Breashers said he wanted to travel the three hours from Santa Maria to Tehachapi to participate in the car show.

Said Breashers, "I used to race in Bakersfield, so it brought old memories coming back over the mountain to get here, which is a lot of fun."

The vintage truck won the Peoples Choice Award last weekend at the Atascadero Art Show.

"This (truck) is unique," said Breshears. "You're not going to see another one of these at a show. And that's what I intended to do."

Breashers said he will never sell the truck, and plans on handing it down to his son in time.

Said Breashers, "The people love it, and love that they can come up to it and touch the rust ...  the original patina that it had when she came out of the barn."

Stopping by to admire the Rat Rod were Nichole and Aaron Dunn and their children Karley and Jared.

Although this was the Dunn's first car show, young Jared said he admired the shotgun shifter.

"Sweet," said Jared Dunn of the shifter. "That is totally awesome!"