Following a fifth and final day of point-earning competition, awards for the highest points earned during the Tehachapi Mountain Rodeo Association Junior Rodeo's 2019 season were handed out at an afternoon barbecue.

Nearly 250 supporters, Jr. Rodeo fans and contestants were present at the rodeo grounds Saturday. Highest points winners, a boy and a girl in each of three divisions, received brand-new saddles.

Top point earners receiving new saddles:

In the Senior Division: All around boy was Clay Regner. All around girl was Makayla Farkas.

In the Junior Division: All around boy was Cody Tognazzini. All around girl was Kami Jo Jorian.

In the Buckaroos Division: All around boy was Collin Chapman. All around girl was Ashley Griffin.

Receiving silver rodeo belt buckles as top point earners in the Pee Wee Divison were: All around boy Jace Ritchea. All around girl was Hadleigh Eyraud.

These young men and women exemplify the hard work and dedication that fosters the continuation of the “Western style of life,” said TMRA chairman Dal Bunn.

“We thank you, moms and dads, for your support and services each rodeo season," Bunn said. "It's a joy and honor to watch these young men and woman compete and grow in the sport of rodeo each year."

As dessert was eaten, Jr. Rodeo Chairman Tom Tully recognized several volunteer committee members and thanked everyone for helping make the Junior Rodeo a “safe, fun, and competitive sporting event in Tehachapi.