This month is prostate cancer awareness month and the Prostate Cancer Information Group of Tehachapi has been fortunate to have a number of guest speakers, including Ken Hammer of Bakersfield and Bill Walters from the Ridgecrest prostate Cancer group. Additionally, Dr. Kim Horowitz, a local doctor, was a guest and attendees were afforded the opportunity to have their many questions answered in the informal Q&A session.

The next meeting will be held Sept. 29 and the guest speaker will be Dr. Eugene Rajaratnam, who has a practice in Lancaster. He also keeps office hours in Tehachapi and in Ridgecrest one day each month. He has traveled to a number of countries including Germany and Mexico to observe and study HIFU, high intensity focused ultrasound. A number of PCIG-T members are patients of "DR. Raj" and look forward to an evening of good information and lively discussion.

PCIG-Tehachapi exists for the purpose of making good information available to any man who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, whether he has decided on his choice of treatment or not. If you are someone who is wondering what to do about your cancer, come to a meeting and hear about your options from the men who have experienced just about every treatment now known for prostate cancer.

The group meets on the last Thursday of every month at the Tehachapi Hospital Conference Room at 6 p.m. Wives, sisters, daughters and significant others are encouraged to attend the meetings also.  For more information, contact Rex at 661-823-1720.

James McDaniel is co-coordinator of the Prostate Cancer Information Group of Tehachapi.