Stay home, enjoy your yard and stay positive. You will reap many rewards.

Well, it’s spring again, so expect snow in Tehachapi! If it snows or not, you should get things prepped for planting. You can draw a plan yourself or you can hire a professional. Mark out where your garden will be located and prepare the soil. Many people like raised beds; they look attractive and limit gopher problems. As you turn your soil, you might consider enriching it with certain amendments that will benefit the plants you intend to grow. It’s amazing how soil can make such a difference in your plant’s survival, health and yield.

Shrubs and trees can be planted year round. So choose a section of your yard and get started! Once you begin, you’ll be motivated to continue because it looks so good! If you’re considering putting in a lawn or ground cover, it’s a good idea to install sprinklers first. Raised beds or not, you need to prepare the area, turn the soil and mulch. Then, all you have to do is plant!

With lots of us home now during this health crisis, gardening is the perfect pastime. People are growing their own food and raising chickens. It’s very rewarding and a lot of fun! So stay home, enjoy your yard and stay positive. You will reap many rewards. Gardening is so therapeutic, physically and mentally. Planting beautiful flowers, fruit trees, vegetables or ornamental shrubs is just what the doctor ordered! And come see us!