Book sale

Here's just a bit of the selection of books Friends of the Library will offer for sale.

Tehachapi Friends of the Library will be kicking things off with a summer book sale from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, June 8. This sale is actually a two-in-one book sale.

First there are the antique, vintage and unique books with reasonable prices. Prices on these books range from a few dollars to around $100. One of these is "Natural History or Experimental Philosophy" by Tiberius Cavallo from 1832. Then there are some unique copies of some books by F. Scott Fitzgerald that have gilt pages and are leather-bound. Then there is also a rare copy of "Circle of Bliss," which is filled with photos of Buddhist meditative art.

The second part of the book sale is the always-popular “filling a bag for $3” sale. This time there will be lots of childrens books and DVDs. There will also be lots of young adult, science fiction and fantasy. There is also a large collection of books on golf. And as always there will be all the fiction and nonfiction books.

The sale will be in the downstairs meeting room and the library’s children’s area. In addition, there will also be some “books into art” created by our artistic volunteers from books not in good enough condition to sell.

Tehachapi’s Cheers to Charity has selected Friends of the Library as one of the charities it will donate to this year. This popular event will have wine, beer and food, and will be at Tehachapi’s Aviator Park from 6 to 10 p.m. Aug. 10. General Admission tickets for Cheers to Charity will be available for sale on June 1 at the library and the book sale for $70, which is $10 off the at the gate price.

Mark Fisher is with Friends of the Library.