The Friends of the Library recently held a successful book sale on March 30.

The Friends of the Library Book Sale on March 30th was a great success. While all the numbers aren’t in yet, this was one of the best sales that the Friends of the Library has had. With 12 people at the door when it opened and a good steady flow all day, the volunteers were kept busy.

In fact, they had been busy in the days leading up to the sale with a lot of new donations coming in right before the sale. And the finishing touches had to be made on the works of art created by members in the new “Books into Art” using books that were in too bad of shape to be considered for sale. Some of these pieces of art were on display and sold at the book sale.

It has apparently become well known that the Friends of the Library continuing book sale, held downstairs when the library is open, has great prices. The income from the sale of these books has more than doubled from what it was just last year.

So where is all this money going to go? Programs. The library has a very full schedule of programs for all ages slated for this summer and all the money raised with the book sales is going to fund these programs. The full list of programs will be announced soon, but there are two coming up in the beginning of May.

The first is a traditional celebration of spring with a maypole in the courtyard and other spring-related crafts (think flower crowns). The maypole dance is being organized by retired dance teacher Frances Heywood. She is looking for volunteers, so if you’re 10 and older and interested, call the library at 822-4938 to get on the list. Only people that have signed up ahead of time will be able to participate in the maypole. Everyone is welcome to come and watch at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, May 1.

The following Saturday, May 4, will be Star Wars Day. More details will be available soon.

As always, there’s plenty of opportunity to help the Friends of the Library. Donations and time are always needed. For more information, contact the Friends of the Library at or 750-2818.

Mark Fisher is a member of the Friends of the Library.