Tehachapi Mountain Rodeo Association is proud to announce its 2019 Tehachapi season.

As part of the California Pro Rodeo Circuit, the goal is to provide quality, family-style entertainment, motivated by a deep love for the sport of professional rodeo and our western heritage. Volunteers work year-round to help promote and educate both adults and our youth to this nation's heritage of the sport of rodeo.

TMRA's Jr. Rodeo schedule for 2019 is currently set for June 22 and 23, July 13 and 14, Aug. 3, and Sept. 7 with finals in the morning, followed by awards in the afternoon.

The Rodeo Association also presents two professional-style rodeos each year:

• Bad Bulls is presented on the 4th of July to sellout crowds. Get your tickets early; and

• The PRCA Pro Rodeo event is scheduled for Mountain Festival weekend Aug. 16 and 17, and is also a sellout event.

All events are held at the Tehachapi Rodeo Grounds and Event Center. For additional information, go to the TMRA web-page at tehachapiprorodeo.com.