A meet and greet for volunteers will be held at the BeeKay Theatre at 10 a.m. Saturday, March 14.

The show must go on... and it will with your help.

Until recently, I did not know how many people (and hours) it took to put on a live community play. When I discovered this, my overwhelming response was, 'Wow!'

Even though we have a number of dedicated volunteers, we need more. As the two community theater coordinators, Michelle Cohen and I are extending an invitation to join us in growing our volunteer pool at 10 a.m. Saturday, March 14, at the BeeKay Theatre, located at 110 S. Green St., for a casual meet and greet.

We are holding this meet and greet so new volunteers can join present volunteers and members of the Tehachapi Community Theatre. In addition to meeting each other, experts in each field will be there to explain their jobs and skills as well as give tours of their sections in the theater and to answer questions. Those interested in any given area will be connected with a mentor who will teach, guide and train you as the future plays unfold.

A big bonus is volunteers will get to see the shows for free. No previous skills are required. We welcome anyone and will happily guide you on this journey.

The following is a list of different areas in which we need help. This list is quite extensive, and should have something for everyone: social media, website, publicity, graphic artists, secretarial, membership, producers, directors, patrons, cashiers, house managers, ushers, costumes, hair and make-up, choreography, vocals, technology, lights, sounds, audio, set designs, building, dressing, painting and moving, muscles, props, crafters, designers, cooks, party hosts, fundraisers, stage managers, techs, directors and, of course, actors. Your own talents and skills not listed above may also be utilized.

We hope we have piqued your interest in helping our future shows go on. If you know someone else who might be interested in these opportunities, let them know about it or better yet, come together.

For more information, call 855-4101.

Kathi Hinkle is the volunteer coordinator for Tehachapi Community Theatre.