The Tehachapi Police Department is offering a few suggestions for parents to consider before your ghouls and goblins go out on Halloween:

• Make sure costumes are flame-retardant and tell your children to stay away from open flames or burning jack-o-lanterns.

• Keep costumes short to prevent trips, falls and other bumps in the night.

• Use make-up instead of a mask. Masks can reduce or obstruct a child’s vision.

• Make sure the costume has bright reflective colors so they can be seen.

• Plan a safe trick-or-treat route.

• Trick-or-treat in groups for added safety. Parents should accompany young children.

• Start early when there is still daylight. Flashlights should be in every group.

• Visit familiar homes where the outside lights are on.

• Tell your trick-or-treaters not to go inside a house, garage or car.

• Keep a safe distance from moving cars, use sidewalks and crosswalks.

• Don’t eat any treats until they can be examined by parents.

• Never eat candy from a torn or opened wrapper.

Most of all have fun, Happy Halloween.

For additional information, contact Key Budge at 822-2200, ext. 119.