The 35th annual BVS Cultural Arts Association Art Show takes place this year from April 14 to 21. The opening reception will be held from 4 to 7 p.m. April 14 at the Oak Tree Country Club, and that is when we have the drawing for the five pieces of art that our generous artists have donated.

One of our donors, Neill Hicks, is a long-time resident of Bear Valley. He and his wife, Andi, moved here in 2002 from Granada Hills to have a better place for their horses, and access to trails. Neill’s background has leaned more toward writing than to art, but he enjoys working with wood, and says he lets the wood tell him what to do, rather than shaping it to his liking.

His piece is in multimedia and is titled “Fairest of All.” He confessed that art is easier to complete than a written work, because written work seems to demand no end of rewriting and corrections.

Neill grew up in Texas and attended college there before moving to California. He has also taught communications at UCLA, and then went into writing screenplays for Jackie Chan movies, among others. And, he says, he has worked on films internationally. He was one of the authors on the panel in the recent Book Faire hosted by Cultural Arts in Bear Valley.

The fifth artist is Dr. Charlene LaClaire. She is donating a watercolor titled Wood Ducks.

Charlene has been interested in art from her earliest childhood. She took a class in Sumi-e, a centuries-old Japanese black ink painting, and a class in oil painting in college. Now she mainly sticks with watercolor and oil, concentrating on still life or nature. She has taken photos in the Sierras and uses them as inspiration. However, she finds watercolors much harder to do than oils, as oil painting is more forgiving.

So, come to the art show and meet all the featured artists. The reception offers a no-host wine bar and tasty hors d’oeuvres.

Linda Coverdale is a member of the Bear Valley Springs Cultural Arts Association.