The Valley Oaks Charter High School Interact Club includes, from left, Nena Thornburg, Adam Whittier, Cadence Gonzales, Sam Morelos, Dylan Amato, Riley Amato and Faith Ellms.

Maybe you’ve seen them, small little boxes in many shapes and sizes on street corners, in front of homes, tucked away by a bench, a tree. They are Little Free Libraries, constructed by individuals and stocked with books meant just to be shared. The key is — see a book and read it — then return it and maybe add a book or two you would like to share. It’s catching on all across the country as a way to share the joy of reading and learning.

As more and more publicly funded libraries close, the little free libraries provide a source of reading and sharing in local communities. Currently, there are 90,000 Little Free Libraries registered all across this country and the world. The mission of Little Free Libraries is to inspire a love of reading, build community, and spark creativity by fostering neighborhood book exchanges worldwide.

The Valley Oaks Charter High School Interact Club has constructed a Little Free Library that will eventually be placed in front of the old Carden School as it is remodeled and becomes the VOCS campus. The Interact students raised the money for materials, then Sam Morelos constructed the "library" in his woodshop classes. Once it was painted and stained, an official plaque with the Little Free Library registration number was attached. Currently, the little library sits in the main office, but itwill be moved out front for everyone to enjoy as the new construction and remodeling takes place.

Reading is the key to a wider world and the Interact students hope that students, as well as adults, will enjoy the books from the Little Free Library and hopefully share some of their own favorites.

For more information on Little Free Libraries, simply google “Little Free Libraries” for blueprints on how to build your own library, photos of current libraries and information about creating and maintaining your own. Better yet, stop by the office of Valley Oaks Charter School and borrow a book. Enjoy your reading!

Judy Trujillo is the Rotary Club of Tehachapi's treasurer and Interact advisor.