Domingo’s Bar & Grill is the right venue for your wedding reception or other large event.

Looking for a banquet room to host your wedding reception or other large event?

Domingo’s Bar & Grill has just the right venue.

Domingo’s has two banquet rooms and a bar that can accommodate 45, 72, and 95 guests.

Domingo’s offers fine Mexican cuisine in a family setting and a full-service bar.

Catering for 30 or more is available for your special event:

• 1 entrée is $10.95.

• 2 entrées are $11.95.

• 3 entrées are $13.95.

We offer chili rellenos, fajitas (beef or chicken), carnitas, tacos (beef or chicken), chili verde, taquitos (beef or chicken), chili colorado, steak ranchero and chicken with mushrooms as entrée choices.

Sides are rice, beans, enchilada cheese, chips and salsa, tortillas, salad and fruit (seasonal).

Domingo’s is located at 20416 Valley Blvd. Contact Edgar for more information at 661-822-7611.