rose tantillo mankoff

Rose Tantillo Mankoff

With me as your travel consultant, you never pay a fee and your cost is not inflated for any service. Whether you have limitless funds or champagne taste on a beer budget, I will find the best pricing. Whether traveling for fun, alone or with a group, planning a honeymoon or vow renewal, together we can plan a fabulous holiday.

Traveling is not only booking that long-awaited cruise or flight to your dream location; it can also involve hotels, transfers, excursions and travel insurance. Although many of us look to the internet, isn’t it nice to have one person you can talk to for all your needs and assist you when you have questions or concerns?

Cruising is a booming industry — it is a big part of any travel agent’s business. Not only can I book your cruise or land vacation, I specialize in unique wine cruises designed for a limited number of guests allowing each passenger the opportunity to interact and dine with exclusive wine personalities. These very special cruises feature unique wine dinners, seminars and excursions.

Let’s have a chat and see what wonderful adventures await you.