The original sense of neighborly responsibility that led to the formation of the Naval Ordinance Test Station Credit Union in 1947 formed the foundation for this highly professional organization capable of meeting a vast array of financial needs for our members. Although the name and logos have changed, our dedication to our neighbors, members and community have been part of the region since 1947.

AltaOne Federal Credit Union expanded into the local market with our branch here in Tehachapi in 2007.

In the past 12 years, AltaOne has really worked to become an integral piece of this community; we have met with, helped, and worked with many of you to assist you in your personal financial needs. At AltaOne, we have a mission to be Your Community Partner.

The most visible presence of our community partnership with Tehachapi is in our local branch. Located in Albertsons, we have a full staff available to assist you with all our product options whether you are hoping to put some money into savings, or looking to get a loan, and everything in between.

Jessica Davidson, our member services manager for Tehachapi, is right at home in both the branch and in the community. Jessica serves with a few local nonprofit groups and can be seen representing AltaOne at many area events. She manages the branch with a heart for service, and ensures that her staff are detailed, helpful and kind.

Another important way we partner with Tehachapi is through our Specialized Employer Groups. We reach out to, and form partnerships with, businesses in the community to offer their employees direct deposit, special rates and services through AltaOne.

Our vice president of specialized employer growth, Beverly Wagner, visits with employers to see if our programs are a proper fit for their employees. Beverly is a warm and welcoming face in many businesses’ employee onboarding days and is happy to welcome new members locally by meeting with them at their places of work to discuss which of our services and programs may best help their goals.

At AltaOne, we do believe that our mission is to serve as Your Community Partner, and we know that being member-owned means working WITH you to best shape the offers, products and services to fit your life. Whether that is by presenting to your place of work, assisting your employees in their financial goals, or helping with your accounts or financial planning at our branches, we feel so honored that you keep our partnership alive!