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All pies are made from scratch using a 1940s pie press.

Margaret Veszpeller is a businesswoman with an entrepreneurial spirit. Catering “on the side” while her children were young, catering for Marie Callender's in Los Angles, she then opened Mill Street Kitchen nine years ago using the TehachaPie kitchen.

Margaret “inherited” TehachaPie when its owner decided to move out of the area. She confesses that at that time she “never made a pie before in her life.” Margaret had observed Marie Callender's pie-making operation and learning from TehachaPie’s creator, she made all the pies for one month before Charlie handed the original recipes over to her almost five years ago.

Margaret jumped from having never made a pie to making hundreds of pies for Apple Fest and 400 pies for her first Thanksgiving after taking over TehachaPie. TehachaPie is a big hit at Apple Fest and Thanksgiving, now averaging 700 pies each.

All pies are made from scratch using a 1940s pie press. Asked what she loves about pies, Margaret says, “Pies give opportunity for creativity.”

Margaret added Christmas Chocolate Pecan Pie, Thanksgiving Apple Cranberry Pie, Summer Strawberry Lemonade Pie and Valentine Chocolate Cherries and Wine Pie. Cream Pies are always available, including Banana Cream, Chocolate Cream, Coconut Cream and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream.

Also available are a variety of Cheesecakes and Gluten Free Vegan Breads. Sugar Free and Gluten Free Pies available upon request. Added in 2018, the Store Front offers more treats and favors.

“Thanks to my amazing staff, Joel Drucker and Rubie Gillies, we keep the pies coming!”