Women's Bible study

A Women's Bible Study takes place at Shepherd of the Hills Church.

Women in Tehachapi are being greatly blessed through their participation with a popular Women's Bible Study.

This study is held from 10 a.m. to noon every Wednesday. No RSVP or fees are necessary for attending the meetings. It's held at Shepherd of the Hills Church, 24300 Bear Valley Road in Tehachapi, right next to Cummings Valley Elementary School.

Check out the reviews:

“I’ve participated in many Bible studies in other churches throughout my life, but the Ladies Bible Study at Shepherd of the Hills Church is by far the one I’ve learned the most; and, it has deepened my faith. As a newer attender, I’ve found the Bible study participants and leaders to be welcoming and I’ve developed some new friendships with other believers. A good experience and opportunity for sharing our values.” - Janet Roysden

“Women’s Bible Study always brightens my day and lightens my load. I love it.” - Glynis Campbell

“Our Bible Study is blessed with great music, a special prayer time, and Bible studies that encourage women to share.” - Adele Timberlake

“Bible Study helps me stay grounded with hope and faith with like-minded people.” - Porsha Brown

“The Women’s Bible studies at SOTH have enhanced my understanding of the Bible, deepened my love for Jesus, gladdened my heart with singing, and prayer time. Another plus is sharing and bonding with the women and enjoying the goodies! Our study of Dr. David Jeremiah’s book and DVDs on “How to become an ‘overcomer’” is on Wednesdays at 10 a.m. at SOTH. In Dr. Jeremiah’s words, “This study will teach us how to live a life of unstoppable strength, unmovable faith, and unbelievable power.” Come join us to experience an excellent Bible study!” - Gale Wegner

“I have really enjoyed the fellowship of these ladies. We share our prayer requests and await God’s answers together. Our study has been eye opening in light of Jesus’ death and resurrection.” - Louise Gilliam

“I find this study very spiritual and nourishing for me. We study different books that teach what believers as well as Jesus went through, as their faith was tested many times. Then, we learn how we can apply it to our lives. This strengthens our faith and love for Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit.” - Pat Hood

“This Bible Study gives me something to look forward to! It allows me to get together with other women and sometimes make new friends as we learn more about God and Jesus. Also, I get more books that I can go back to in case I hit a difficult time. It also brings back pleasant memories of the study classes.” - Sharon Fraytet

“It is a wonderful way to get to know one another better and feel a part of Women’s Ministry and Shepherd of the Hills Church.” - Wanda Formhals

“I get to see my friends in the Lord Jesus Christ.” - Donna McMillen

“Please come to our Women’s Bible study. We sing, pray for ourselves and others. Then we take turns bringing goodies and coffee. A very nice get together. We then have our lesson. Very interesting. Come try it! We have a good time.” - Linda Maruno

For more information, contact Carolyn at 661-477-1532 or write to her at canddgilliam@sbcglobal.net.

Jeff Kaplan is the senior pastor at Shepherd of the Hills.