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Horizons du Monde offers chance to host students from Spain this summer

Horizons du Monde is seeking Tehachapi host parents for foreign exchange students coming from abroad from June 25 to July 27. Host parents are not required to change their life style as students will be immersed with the family's activities such as doctor appointments, grocery shopping, or maybe just hanging out with their children at home.

The students do come with a program that is coordinated and organized by a local coordinator of Tehachapi. The program involves English as a Second Language (ESL) three days a week and other local activities to support the community. It comes with an itinerary which informs the host parents of what's going on. There will also be excursion trips and families are welcome to join.

Foreign exchange students have been coming to Tehachapi for some time to learn the culture of the American family. They come prepared to learn the lifestyle. The program involves educational home-stays and tours, and is a fully approved and licensed organization and has chaperones who are involved with the activities.

The main office is located in France. Horizons du Monde is an international member of the Council for Student International Educational Travel (CSIET).

For more information, call Rebecca Steiber at 750-9246 or email her at

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