Thursday, Apr 24 2014 10:24 AM

Volunteers rescue 'Magnificent Seven' dogs

On Monday, April 14, a Facebook post from Tehachapi Pets reached Chelley Kitzmiller, president of Have a Heart Humane Society, while she was on a mini vacation in her RV. The post said that a half dozen or more Chihuahuas had been spotted in an equipment yard at the south end of South Street. They were crawling out from under the fence and running free. Kitzmiller noted that several people had posted to see if they could help.

"I was frustrated because I was too far away to do anything myself, so I prayed my volunteers could help," said Kitzmiller, who called three Have a Heart volunteers from her cell phone: Carol Larimore, Opal Lawler and Ruthanne Jennings. The women hurried to the site and helped round up the terrified little dogs and load them into Lawler's car. There were seven in all, now named "The Magnificent Seven."

"The owner of the dogs is unknown. They appear to have been dumped," says Kitzmiller.

The dogs are all safe in Lawler's home and will be farmed out to fosters. By law, a rescue has to wait 15 days before they can have the dogs altered and begin rehoming them.

"But the county shelter only has to have them a few days before they can alter them, rehome them or euthanize them. It makes no sense," said Kitzmiller.

Kitzmiller would like to thank all the pet lovers who were involved in capturing the Chihuahuas.

"It was really heart-warming to hear about so many people come together to help those little dogs. Seven is a lot for one small rescue to absorb at one time."

According to Kitzmiller, it will cost Have a Heart a minimum of $1,000 to get them all spayed and neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and fed.

"We would very much appreciate donations of any size to support these little dogs. Please visit our website at to make a donation using Paypal or any credit card. And if you would like to adopt one of these dogs, email"

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