Tuesday, Dec 25 2012 12:02 AM

Students share the holiday spirit

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Tehachapi High School students stand in font of Albertsons, greeting guests by ringing a Salvation Army bell and singing Christmas carols. Photo courtesy of Vicki Trones

While working in front of Albertson's on Saturday, Dec. 15, I was privileged to see a group of Tehachapi High School students ringing a Salvation Army bell.

They were a delightful group, who sang Christmas carols to the delight of all. They wished everyone passing a Merry Christmas and thanked and blessed each who dropped money in the bucket.

What a pleasure to be able to see the kindness in these young people.

At least one of the students, who was wearing his React shirt, was a part of the group that served the seniors at the Rotary Luncheon earlier this month.

The parents and teachers of these fine people should stand up and take a bow. You did a wonderful job teaching them to be a part of our community. You should be very proud of them.

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