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Lions Club honors Tehachapi's students of the month

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Three outstanding Tehachapi students were chosen to receive the Lions Club's "Student of the Month"' awards. From left to right are Kaylee McKanna, Austin Miller, Odin Dailo and presenter Sue Morrison. Photo courtesy of Tehachapi Lions Club

At Tehachapi High, the student of the month was Austin Miller. Austin received the award for his outstanding participation in school activities. Austin is a member of student government, a member of the yearbook staff and is a peer facilitator. Austin is an accomplished artist, and has won a number of photography awards. As a senior Austin is well on his way to a successful future endeavors.

January's nominee from Monroe High is Kaylee McKanna. Kaylee was chosen for her excellent work ethic, admirable character, and carries a commendable 3.46 grade point average. Kaylee is well liked by her peers for her caring, polite and helpful personality.

The honoree at Jacobsen Middle School is Odin Dailo. As an 8th grader, Odin is an academic wonder receiving all "A's" in his classes. He also has perfect attendance, is currently a member of the Honors English Class, and is a member of advanced band and science.


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