Wednesday, May 14 2014 04:58 PM

Thunder Paws to offer rattlesnake aversion training for dogs

Venomous snakes bite about 150,000 dogs annually. Since we have had a very mild winter, experts are predicting that rattlesnake/dog encounters will be more numerous this summer. Local veterinarians have already treated a number of dogs who have been bitten by rattlesnakes in the past two months.

Rattlesnake aversion training is a safe and effective method for teaching dogs to avoid rattlesnakes. Thunder Paws Dog Training will once again host Natural Solutions, one of the most experienced trainers in this field. Natural Solutions Rattlesnake Aversion trainers use an electronic shock collar to teach dogs to associate the negative stimulus with the sight, scent and sound of a rattlesnake.

The training takes about 10 minutes and costs $75. The price is reduced for multi-dog households.

The rattlesnake aversion training will take place on Sunday, June 1, at Thunder Paws Dog Training Center, located at 20609 Santa Lucia St, Unit C, in Tehachapi.

To schedule an appointment, call Rosemary Evans at 867-2295, text 805-657-1792 or email Parking is available on site.

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