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Kleiman to join fellow artists in annual show

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The art above is just one example of Leila Kleiman's creations in cut glass that will be on display at the Oak Tree Country Club, during the Bear Valley Springs Cultural Arts show, beginning the week of April 12. Photo by Linda Coverdale

Artist Leila Kleiman

Artist Leila Kleiman is among the featured artists in the BVS Cultural Arts Association's 2014 Art Show

"I began my career as a traditional painter," said Leila Kleiman, "usually choosing oil and canvas to express this inner vision occupying my thoughts. Then, quite by accident, I had the good fortune to study design and stone carving with Allan Houser in Colorado. Carving is taking away that which is extraneous. Line and form replace color as a guide."

Kleiman has explored many mediums as an artist.

"I began in Chicago, traveled to Los Angeles and finally settled in Ojai for 18 years. I showed with the Ojai Studio Artists and the museum. Whenever I go back, I always visit my large triptych at the Ojai Valley Hospital."

The artist moved to Tehachapi eight years ago.

"I have been fortunate to find a wonderful group of artists living in the the land of the four seasons," she said.

"My present work is in glass, which has a translucent quality much like watercolors," Kleiman noted. "Before cutting the glass, I begin with a watercolor painting to experiment with the colors and patterns to try and catch the flavor of swirling designs which I remember floating across the stage of a fashion show I attended in Kyoto, Japan."

That fashion show was the inspiration for her kimonos.

"My wedding kimono is the key to my collection, much like a fashion show," she said.

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